Google is Opening its First Ever Permanent Retail Store This Summer4


Google has a history where they have opened several temporary pop-up retail stores around the world. Whether you are talking about the stores opening at trade shows or whether the company was launching a new brand or a product line, we are not surprised by the idea of physical stores. However, a permanent, temporary store is one thing that the search engine giant has not done for some time.

However, that is changing next month as the company is opening the Google Store NYC, the company's very first non-pop-up shop. The store will be located in the Chelsea district of Manhattan, and the store will feature all manners of Made by Google products. However, the best part is that you will be able to try out the products before you pay for them.

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Google Wants to Make Your Shopping Experience Better with a Physical Store

In addition to products with "G" on their back, you will also see items within the ecosystem; this means that Nest and Fitbit offerings will also be available. There is also a chance that we will see third-party products such as Chromebooks from Samsung, Asus, and more.

Google has also pointed out that you will buy the product from the online store and then pick it up from the store. You can also bring your current Google products for repair or technical support. Additionally, with specific products, you will even be able to take advantage of professional installation.

Google has not forgotten about the COVID-19 pandemic and has talked about the importance of safety, too. Until further notice, there will be strict precautions in place for the Google Store NYC; this means that mandatory masks and hand sanitization, and social distancing are necessary precautions. Google is also going to limit the number of people in the store at one time.

Google has not given a specific date for the opening. However, the company will be making an announcement sometime in June.

What do you think about an actual brick-and-mortar Google store? Do you think we are going to see these stores open in more locations around the world?