Google Drive For iOS Has Been Updated To Better Work With Apple’s Files App

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It was previously discovered that the lingering issue within the Google Drive for iOS app caused problems for users who wished to open certain file types including Microsoft Word document. As it turned out, the problem was not rooted in Apple's new Files app. It was rather a Google Drive issue that made people ran into an issue when trying to launch a Microsoft document or any other file type. However, the issue could be solved by a software update and now it has. The Google Drive for iOS app has been updated to work with the Apple Files app in a better way. So let's dive in to see some more details on the subject.

Google Drive For iOS Updated With A Fix For An Issue

As we have mentioned earlier, the issue was prevailing in the Google Drive app for iOS rather than Apple's Files app. Now, with an update, there should be no problem when users will open Microsoft documents or other file formats.

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Google's official statement puts the scenario as:

“With the latest version of the Drive app installed, you can easily access and manage documents and photos stored in Drive just by opening up the Files app on your iOS device. If you have Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides apps installed as well, tapping on any Google document, spreadsheet, or presentation in the Files app will open the app of the associated Google editor. You can also take advantage of new iOS 11 features like dragging and dropping files between apps and folders in the Files App.”

Previously when users would try to open a Microsoft Word document through the Google Drive app on iOS, it will prompt the users to save the file there instead. This was the case with .dox files and the issue occurred whenever users would try to open the file through the iCloud Drive app or the new Files app.

Google Drive received an update earlier this month and the app became the default opening the app for many file formats. This was due to an open-in-place issue. The Google Drive for iOS app has been updated to the version 4.2017.37519 and is available on the App Store for free. if you haven't installed it already, be sure to give it a swing. There will be more to the story so be sure to stay tuned in for more details.

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