Google Assistant to Get Support for Fourteen More Languages

Google Assistant

Over the years, we've seen the Google Assistant evolve from a Pixel-only gimmick to a major player in the virtual assistant market. It is now available on all most Android devices, Google Home speakers and a plethora of third-party IoT gadgets. Ever since its release alongside the original Pixel two years ago, the Google Assistant has gained support for seventeen languages. More language support was announced, and today, it's beginning to roll out. Here are all the new languages coming soon to the Google Assistant:

  • Arabic (Egypt, Saudi Arabia)
  • Bengali
  • English (India, Indonesia, Ireland, Philippines, Thailand)
  • German (Austria)
  • Gujarati
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Marathi
  • Polish
  • Spanish (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru)
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Turkish
  • Urdu

Google is yet to make a formal announcement, the latest beta version of the Google App that rolled out over the weekend had a few clues. An XDA Developer user managed to identify the additional languages that will be supported soon. We don’t have a timeline for when these languages will be supported. Earlier this year, Google announced that the Assistant would be available in over 30 languages. Considering that the year is almost about to end, we can expect a formal announcement from Google soon. At this point, it isn't possible to test any of the new languages yet as Google is yet to flip the switch that'll make them work.

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News Source: XDA developers

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