GIGABYTE, AORUS and POWERCOLOR’s Radeon RX 500 Series Graphics Card Lineup Leaked – Features Re-Branded Polaris 20 XTX and XTL GPUs

A render of the Polaris 10 GPU.

A lot of information about the upcoming Radeon RX 500 series has leaked out. Videocardz has leaked the box art of the GIGABYTE and AORUS RX 500 series and Chiphell forums have came up with the first CPU-Z screenshot of the Polaris 20 XTX GPU, which appears to be a rebadged Polaris 10 GPU, albeit with a new name and probably better binning.

AMD RX 500 series to feature rebadged Polaris 20 XTX, XTL and Lexa Pro chips with more efficient revision and higher clocks

Let's start with the CPU-Z screenshot:

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From the die size, it is very clear that we are looking at the full Polaris 10 die. The revision however, is different: E7 as compared to the older C7. Other hardware configurations appear to be the exact same (some variables aren't being detected properly by the tool). It looks like you are looking at the same basic GPU, albeit with a better binned chip and consequently higher clock rates. The clock on this thing is 1450 MHz, which is up from the 1266 MHz we saw before. This is a pretty substantial increase and you are looking at performance gains in the range 10-15% simply from the clock speed alone. This increase is of course, over the stock clocks, if you are already running a heavily overclocked RX 480 then gains will be marginal to none.

The GPU is being called the Polaris 20 or Polaris 20 XTX to be exact. This is the same basic GPU as Ellesmere, also known as Polaris 10. Basically the transition from Hawaii to Grenada is the same thing we are seeing here, from Polaris 10 to Polaris 20 XTX. It is a revised chip, but essentially, still very much a re-badge. The Polaris 20 XTX will be present in the upcoming Radeon RX 580 graphics cards and the Polaris 20 XTL will be present in the RX 570 graphics card from AMD and add-in-board partners. Lower end cards will have the Polaris 11 GPU aka Baffin. It's anyone's guess what it will end up being called on paper, but VCZ has found a driver build calling it a "Lexa Pro".

GIGABYTE, AORUS and POWERCOLOR RX 580 Graphics Card (Polaris 20 XTX)


First up we have the AORUS RX 580 XTR with 8 gigabytes of vRAM. The card has RGB lightning and a stock OC as well as the dual fan windforce cooler. The non XTR version is pretty much the same with a slightly lower profile windforce cooler (and in all probability, lower clocks as well). The Gigabyte Gaming G1 RX 580 is also there if anyone doesn't want to go with the AORUS branding - however, since both are pretty much the same company, I am not sure why you wouldn't want to. Then there are the 4 gigabyte variants as well, for those budget builds with the AORUS 4G and the GAMING 4G variants. Powercolor on the other hand has their "Golden" Red Devil RX 580 with a beautiful cooler as well as the Red Dragon variant.  Images are courtesy of

GIGABYTE, AORUS and POWERCOLOR RX 570 Graphics Card (Polaris 20 XTL)


In the RX 570 series, we have the GIGABYTE RX 570 Gaming with 4 GB of vRAM as well as the AORUS 4G, which is once again pretty much the same card. The best cooler award would probably go to PowerColor once again who has a triple fan cooler with their Red Devil and a dual fan design with their Red Dragon.  Images are courtesy of

GIGABYTE, AORUS and PowerColor RX 550 Graphics Card (Lexa Pro)


On the low end side of things, we have the GIGABYTE RX 550 GAMING 2G and GAMING OC variants. The lower end of the two has a very muted cooler design,  while the OC version has a dual fan cooler. The PowerColor variant also has a single fan design (I am not sure whether dual fans would really help you at all at this level). The RX 560 which will probably house a cut down version of the Polaris 21 core, is currently MIA. Images are courtesy of

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