Get the AirPods Pro 1 for Just $179 Today

Uzair Ghani
Get the AirPods Pro 1 for just $179 today.

First-generation AirPods Pro are heavily discounted right now and you can get yourself a pair for a low price of just $179.

Apple AirPods Pro 1 Available at a Heavily Discounted Price of Just $179 with Active Noise Cancelling, Device Switching and More

Apple announced the second-generation AirPods Pro a while back and they're on sale now. But, if you want AirPods that do 'AirPods stuff' without paying full price then the first-generation AirPods Pro are an amazing deal right now.

Buy Apple AirPods Pro Wireless Earbuds with MagSafe Charging Case - $179

AirPods Pro 1 were available for $249, but now that they've been replaced, you can grab the older model for a low price of just $179. And for that price, you get amazing sound, MagSafe charging capabilities and the thing that makes AirPods Pro absolutely fantastic - noise cancellation.

But you get way more than that. You also get the quick pairing capabilities as well as instant device switching. Just open the lid of the AirPods Pro charging case near your iPhone or iPad and a pairing pop-up will instantly show up. Tap on Connect and you will be paired across all of your devices. It's technological magic, if you're asking us.

AirPods Pro 1 feature the MagSafe Charging Case. Just put the AirPods on top of a MagSafe charging puck and the case will attach magnetically for the perfect wireless charging experience. If you like, you can also charge up using an ordinary Qi charger or go wired using Lightning.

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