Get High-Performance and Reliable Wi-Fi Range Extenders Starting From Just $35

Have you ever encountered dead zones in your home, or apartment and wish there was a way to remedy this problem so that no matter which corner you may be in, you’ll always have maximum Wi-Fi coverage? Well, if getting a high-performance Wi-Fi range extender was your first priority, then we have a solution just for you. Introducing the Rock Space Wi-Fi range extender, a product that not just gives you added coverage of your wireless network, it doesn’t compromise on performance and maximizing the distance either.

To experience the maximum performance, we recommend nabbing at least one 750Mbps range extender from Rock Space, which will set you back by $34.99. It extends Wi-Fi coverage up to 1292 square feet and provides support for both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands to deliver optimum performance. Rock Space also states that setting up the range extender is the simplest of tasks, with the user only required to tap the WPS button and they will be off to the races in a matter of seconds.

Just in case you wanted something that offers better range, and you don’t mind paying a little extra to achieve your goals, you can purchase the 1200Mbps model, which also supports dual-band transmissions and can be yours for $44.99. However, we only recommend purchasing the slightly more expensive model if you need to blanket a larger area of your home with wireless networking signals, otherwise, the 750Mbps variant will do the job just fine.

You can check out both models below and let us know which one you will pick up to remove those dead zones from your home.

Get the Rock Space 1200Mbps Wi-Fi range extender for $44.99

Get the Rock Space 750Mbps Wi-Fi range extender for $34.99

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