Galaxy Heist – Beautiful Unreal Engine 4 Online FPS Gets Kickstarter

Space Bear Development has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Galaxy Heist, an online FPS featuring with explosive space battles. Galaxy Heist is powered by the Unreal Engine 4, and offers support Oculus.

The developers aim to raise £65K in total.

Galaxy Heist is:

  • A game focused on boarding other players ships
  • Large teams split into 4-5 player sub teams and put on large flagships together
  • Take control of the flagships turrets or jump into a small fighter to help defend the ship
  • Use the tether mechanic to force yourself onto other ships
  • Fight inside ships to take over and destroy them from the inside
  • 100% skill based, no pay to win or grinding your way to a stronger character
  • Play competitive PvP, custom players vs AI matches, or offline
  • Works with any VR supported by Unreal Engine (Oculus, Gear VR)

Space Battles

Galaxy Heist is a space game that brings the world of large space battles into the word of close quarter first person shooters. Each match players start out in space, on board a large ship with other players.

Each large flagship holds up to 5 players. At least 12-15 large flagships in each space battle(will continue to rise as we optimize more). Players have three main choices of activities when in space:

Pilot one of the large flagships that acts as a base for the 4-5 player sub teams. Control one of the turrets on the flagships, firing cannons, bullets, and the boarding tether. Pilot one of the drone fighters to scout ahead for your team or to add extra firepower in the battle.

Each flagship gets four drone fighters to accompany it. If a player is controlling a turret then AI will control his drone and help defend the flagship from incoming attacks. Once a player takes control of his drone fighter, AI will control his turret back on the teams flagship until he returns or is blown up.

“The players on my ship suck, I want to jump to another ally flagship”

No problem. Use an escape pod to move between big ships and change teams during the space battles. This is especially useful if a flagship is being boarded and players want to help one of their ships defend itself. Don't forget you have the option to fly your flagship alone with only the company of AI if you wish.

Space battles can take place in a wide range of environments and areas of the galaxy. Expect dynamic areas to fight in such as giant moving wreckage, areas full of raining meteors, and of course battles on the home front.


Boarding ships is the bread and butter of Galaxy Heist and can be done alone, with/against other players, or with your team against AI.

Once an enemy ship loses all power and becomes disabled, it’s free pickings for nearby enemy ships. Any large ship can take control of one of their turrets, fire a tether over to them, and begin the boarding process.
Boarding a ship is necessary in order to completely destroy it and remove it from the battle. If left alone, a flagship will fix itself and the team on board will continue to fight.

Interior FPS Battle

Pulling yourself into a disabled enemy ship will begin the server travel, effectively putting your team on a bridge connecting to the enemy ship. The enemy players will spawn on their flight deck, ready to defend against you.

The inside of every large space ship is different, offering unique strategies on how to get into the flight deck.

Some of the interactive features inside each ship:

  • Blow out windows with a vacuum canon and watch the decompression rip nearby players out into space.
  • Interactive oxygen system that needs to be successfully turned on after decompression to prevent suffocation.
  • Interior engine cooling system with spinning fans, keep your limbs away from the spinning fans
  • Exploding components, including doors that can be blown open with C4 and explosive oxygen tanks.

Additional Features

Player and ship customization is something that we will continue to build on in the future so that players can have more and more options when it comes to aesthetic changes. At the moment players can run around inside the ship of their choice as Mercenary, Soldier, and Engineer.

Character Customization: Players can customize the colors on three different groups of materials for each character. This is chosen before the player jumps into any space battle and their preferred character is used whenever the player boards a ship during that match.

Other notable Unreal Engine 4 projects include the gorgeous Absention, a new survival horror title inspired by true survival horror greats such as Resident Evil, Eternal Darkness and Silent Hill so fans can expect a mixture of mental challenge, intense gameplay, and immersive environments.

Ad Infinitum is a first-person survival horror adventure set in a surreal world during WWI. It is built on the Unreal Engine 4 and is currently under development for the PC.

Downward is a beautiful first person parkour based, scenery open-world adventure set during the Middle Ages, after that the events depicted in the Book of Revelation of St. John took their course. ARK: Survival Evolved, is a multiplayer first person survival game coming to Early Access in June 2015, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions planned for 2016.

A talented French artist, known as Koola, has delivered hyper realistic real-time architectural visualizations using Unreal Engine 4.

Taking advantage of both the power and accessibility of UE4, the results of his work have wowed colleagues and has garnered attention from the international press and the Unreal team at Epic. Earlier this year Koola became the very first recipient of the inaugural Unreal Dev Grants program, a financial development fund designed to incentivize and reward innovative projects designed in Unreal Engine 4.

Galaxy Heist if fully funded will be available for PC, Steam and the Xbox One. We will bring you any new information on Galaxy Heist and other Unreal Engine 4 projects as soon as it becomes available.


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