Get The Full Stack JavaScript Bundle – It Includes 8 Courses That Will Change Your Professional Life For Good

Zarmeen Shahzad
Full Stack JavaScript Bundle

Learn to do programming with this Full Stack JavaScript Bundle. It has a value of approximately $600 but this amazing deal offers the bundle for just $38. The bundle includes eight amazing courses that will cater to all your needs. The courses included are as follows:

Become a Web Developer from Scratch

This complete and comprehensive course is designed to help you become an expert at web development. It covers both front and back-end development. You don’t have to be an expert to take advantage from this course.

Master MEAN: Learn the Fundamentals of MEAN Stack

This will provide you with a practical approach to the MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js) Stack. This is basically a collection of JavaScript technologies that are used in web applications. The course starts with basics and goes to more advanced lessons in web development.

Node Program: From 0 to Hero with Nodejs and MongoDB

This course delivers the best information on the systems that form the MEAN stack. It will help you understand the systems better hence enabling you to use them to your advantage.

Full Stack JavaScript: Learn Backbone.js, Node.js & MongoDB

This is a very hands-on course and it helps you understand JavaScript web and mobile development using the front and backend technologies including Node.js, MongoDB, Backbone.js, Parse, Heroku, and Windows Azure.

The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB

MongoDB is one of the hottest database solutions available in the market. It is able to power anything from a personal project to an entire enterprise infrastructure. With the help of this course you will be able to learn MongoDB quickly. You can be a beginner and still benefit from the course.

AngularJS for Beginners, Single-Page Applications Made Easy

You can upgrade your skills and become an efficient developer by incorporating Angular.js, Google's supported web application library, into your projects. With the help of this course you will learn how to use Angular.js and will then be able to create user-friendly web apps, Single Page Applications (SPA), and interactive websites.

Learn MEAN Stack

If you know how to create a web application and you are able to manage it with expertise, it greatly boosts your scope of getting employed at great firms. MEAN stack is just the right tool set needed.

Learn Express

Express is a tool that helps build web applications on Node. You will also learn how to use the Express library. It is extremely practical and can be used for different purposes including prototyping, improving your qualifications or just as a hobby.

So get this bundle now before the deal expires.

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