Final Fantasy VII Remake Runs at 1080p on Base PS4, 1620p on PS4 Pro; Low-Quality Textures Issues Detailed


Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the best looking games ever released on PlayStation 4, but the game is not exactly flawless.

Digital Foundry recently took a good look at the game, confirming that the game runs at 1080p resolution on base PlayStation 4 and at 1620p on PlayStation 4 Pro. Both versions feature resolution scaling so that the game can run at steady 30 FPS, which it manages to do most of the time.

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The Digital Foundry analysis also highlighted an issue with some very low-quality textures that appear from time to time. This is believed to be due to a loading bug, so it may get fixed with a future update.

The full Final Fantasy VII Remake Digital Foundry technical review can be found.

Join Alex Battaglia and John Linneman for a detailed breakdown of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. We check out PS4 Pro and PS4 visual comparisons and performance and appreciate the often stunning use of Unreal Engine 4. It's a beautiful game but it's not flawless. What's up with the texture popping and can an SSD brute force your way through the issues?

Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the best entries in the series in quite a long time. While the remake only covers a small portion of the original story, it does so in a very good way, despite some story twists that not all fans of the game will like.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a masterful modernization of the series' classic formula. The game is an extremely solid JRPG that looks, sounds and plays great, despite some pacing issues and linearity. That said, the unexpected story twists may sour the experience a bit for those who expected a faithful remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches on PlayStation 4 later this week, on April 10th.