Facebook 360 Is The Company’s New Virtual Reality App For 360 Degree Content


Facebook, our favorite social site has worked hard and has devoted a lot of its assets to the increasingly important field of virtual reality. However, up till now there has been a pretty defined line between the things in the main app and the Oculus Rift and Gear VR. Facebook is now taking things to another level. The company is now bringing both these real and virtual aspects of Facebook and launching Facebook 360.

Facebook 360

So the next question that comes is what is the app really about? This app is a 360 degree video app on the Samsung Gear VR. The app will show various pictures and videos from your timeline and newsfeed. According to the company there have been more than a billion 360 degree videos on the site and about 25 million 360 degree photographs. This is a huge number! The app initially will be available only for the Gear VR and can be downloaded from the Oculus Store.

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This isn’t exactly something new. The 360 degree videos aren’t knew to the Gear VR; they have been appearing there for quite a bit of time now. The name Facebook 360 has been placed on a 360 degree camera setup along with a spatial audio platform. Initially the app will have four main ‘feeds’. An ‘Explore’ tab will provide users to have an overall view of the 360 degree content that exists on various platforms. ‘Following’ tab will allow users to look into the stuff posted by friends. Other than this the ‘Saved’ option lets you get a deeper and comprehensive view and the ‘Timeline’ option will allow you to look at your own 360 degree content.

Users will be able to use reactions emojis for content as well as save and share the content like in the normal app. In a blog post the company said that more content and features will come soon enough for the new app. As the world is moving towards VR it is evident that Facebook doesn’t want to be left far behind. It seems that it has some brand new grand vision of involving its users into the world of VR eventually. This app is just one small step towards that goal.