F1 2018 DX12 Beta Build Released by Codemasters; Available for Download through Steam Now

Aernout van de Velde
f1 2018 dx12

An F1 2018 DX12 beta build has been rolled out by developer Codemasters which can be downloaded through Steam.

According to Codemasters, this DX12 beta build is equivalent to the standard F1 2018 game of the same version number, and players have access to all content from the full game, existing save games should be compatible, and online play with DX11 counterparts is available.

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“We have created a version of F1 2018 which runs using DirectX 12”, Codemasters wrote. “Put simply, this changes the way some parts of the game engine work, particularly the graphics code.”

“As this is a significant change, we would love to get to get feedback from you – our players – to help us identify any additional issues as we continue to work with and further develop this technology.”

We’ve included the instructions to download this DX12 build down below:

Who Can Play the DX12 Beta?

Own a copy of F1 2018 on Steam? Great – the beta is available to you, though you will need a compatible system to run it: Windows 10 and a DX12-compatible graphics card are required!

How Do I Get the DX12 Beta?

To install the DX12 beta branch, please do the following:

1.Open up Steam library and “Right Click” on F1 2018

2.Select Properties

3.Select the “BETAS” tab

4.Enter the Branch Password into the box

5.Press the “CHECK CODE” button

6.Select Branch Name from the drop down box

7.Close the properties window

8.Click the “INSTALL” button in the Steam Client

9.Once the game has been downloaded the button will now display as “PLAY”

10.Click “PLAY” to launch the game

Branch Name: f1_dx12_beta

Branch Password: 244EwzNFQkfnqf4Xc6GTmgsPtT6LAbYn

F1 2018 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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