EVGA SuperNOVA series on sale on Newegg.com!


The EVGA SuperNOVA power supplies are on sale at Newegg.com, this means that every model from the 6500W to the 1000W is on sale (for varying amounts of the original price). These are great power supplies and it shows with the 10-year warranty included with every model and being a fully-modular power supply rather than Semi-modular or non-modular.

All four models of the EVGA SuperNOVA power supplies are on sale for Newegg!

The models on sale are the 650W, 750W, 850W and 1000W, the 650W is currently 31% off the original price dropping the price down to $89.99, the 750W is 21% off the original price making the price $109.99, 850W power supply is 25% off the price making it $119.99 and the 1000W power supply is only 9% off the original price of $199.99.

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Each of these power supplies comes with a Power ON self tester along with a 10-year warranty which makes this power supplies a good deal compared to other power supplies on the market currently.

Some of the other amazing features of these power supplies are that they have a fluid dynamic bearing fan, meaning it spins easier, which makes the entire system noticeably quieter. These power supplies are also rated for 80 Plus Gold which shows the efficiency of the actual device, being at 20% load this device would output 87% which is far better than just an 80 Plus efficiency which only outputs 80% at 10% load. While at a higher load like 50% load, which is most common while gaming or doing some productivity, this power supply emits anywhere up to 90% while the 80 Plus power supplies only emit up to 80% efficiency at 50% load.

Included in the package are all the needed power cables like the Motherboard, CPU cables and PCIe cables the total number of cables includes up to 28 cables. While that number does include the un-avoidable cables like the 20+4 pin connector to the motherboard and the additional 4 + 4 Pin connector which powers the CPU, this also comes with many additional cords including up to three separate PCIe cords and Six separate SATA cables.

This is currently a great deal and if you have a system (or systems) that might be needing a new power supply soon this is the deal for you! Along with the discount on the 650W power supply, there is also a mail-in rebate that drops down the already low price down to just $69.99.