Electronic Arts: VR Will Take at Least 2+ Years To Reach Mass Market, AR Is More Interesting


Electronic Arts just had their Q1 FY18 financial report and afterward, a few executives answered questions from the investors.

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson tackled a question on Virtual Reality and the relative lack of investment from the company in this specific market. Wilson stated that the industry realized how Virtual Reality devices still need at least a couple years to break into the mass market, while Augmented Reality is perhaps more interesting right now.

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So I'll start with VR and AR. Not a lot of new news on VR for us and as you see there's not a lot of new news for VR in the industry. People seem to have come to terms of the fact that VR while an unbelievably wonderful innovation for how you consume interactive entertainment and all forms of entertainment for that matter is going to take a couple of years at least to going to get to a point where it is truly a mass market consumer opportunity. We still are in the same position we were in which we have enabled core VR capability in our Frostbite engine.

We have delivered a console experience in the course of delivering a mobile experience and we'll continue to push on the boundaries of what's a sports game look like inside of VR? What's first person shooter look like in VR? What's an action adventure game look like in VR? And that's really at a design level and something that will start to manifest in the marketplace in the years to come.

AR I think is more interesting. I think the notion of a data overlay into your mobile console PC games are something that takes things that are important, interesting about you whether that's geo-data or whether that's game play data or friends data, that you are able to allow the game to utilize to enhance and extend your experience. I think, we're likely to see more of that sooner and certainly, our creative teams are really thinking about what kind of data would a player want to use from their real world to augment their virtual world and you should expect to see more of that from us also in the coming months and years.

Transcript credits to Seeking Alpha.