Elden Ring to Feature Dynamic Wildlife to Make World Feel Alive; Bloodborne 2 Is Not Happening Anytime Soon – Rumor


It has been almost nine months since the Elden Ring announcement, and nothing else has been said since then regarding the new game in development by From Software. Rumors circulating online are painting a very interesting picture, and something new has emerged online recently.

Omni, who has been revealing supposed details on the game, recently revealed that Elden Ring will feature dynamic wildlife alongside dynamic enemy placements and weather. These elements will make the game feel more alive than in many others open-world RPGs.

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Dynamic day/night cycles, lighting, weather, I'll even throw you a bone and say wildlife, enemies out in the open world that change their positioning, both big and small. Things that make the world feel like it lives and breathes and doesn't just exist as your playground and while they're relatively minor when looked at as singular elements. You start to take all of these elements and put them together and ultimately what you have is something that again, shares the same DNA as past games, but culminates into something different.

Omni also touched upon a possible Bloodborne sequel on PlayStation 5. While From Software has multiple teams that work on different projects, Bloodborne 2 is not in active development and it is not even in line to be in development, so if the game is happening, it won't be anytime soon. Not surprising, considering Elden Ring is said to be the biggest From Software game yet.

From works on multiple projects all the time. As of right now, the game isn't in development or in line to be in development. So in the event that a Bloodborne sequel does happen, it's not happening any time soon.

Elden Ring is currently in development for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We will keep you updated on the game as soon as more come in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.