The Dragon in Scalebound Has Great AI, Won’t Always Obey Your Bidding


Scalebound seems to be taking quite the novel approach when it comes to dragon dynamics. Instead of simply being a vehicle that you have full control over, so Platinum Games is doing something decidedly different.

The dragon in Scalebound has its own AI, and thus its own distinct and sometimes belligerent personality.

The director of Scalebound, Hideki Kamiya talked a little bit about dragon mechanics during the Xbox One Fanfest in Tokyo recently. One of the things he mentioned was that the dragon is not just a vehicle that you have full undivided control over. The dragon is a free thinking AI enabled partner, who will sometimes not even respond to your requests. He'll have a mind of his own. Kamiya-san told fans that you won't be directly controlling him, but instead asking to do help you.

The idea behind it is that the dragon, Thuban as he's named, is a free-thinking creature and they wanted to program him as such. This will, according to Kamiya-san, add another element of challenge to it. You'll have to adapt not only to the physics of flying on such a beast, but also to Thuban's individuality and strive to understand him. This also has implications as to how the dragon will react in combat. Thuban, with his own agenda, might just not feel like saving you again and again.

At the Xbox One Fanfest in Tokyo, the Xbox Marketing Manager in Japan expressed his confidence that Scalebound would help to increase sales and interest in Japan. Scalebound is very much of a genre and with a story that could potentially be a great success.