Download Google Music 4.0.1 for Android

Thanks to a Verizon employee that screwed up and forgot the upcoming Nexus Prime in a bar, we know get to have a look at the upcoming version of Google Music 4.0.1 that will ship with Ice Cream Sandwich on launch. The app has several UI changes over Google Music 3, with a sleeker and more minimalistic look. Check out the pics below and if you're interested you can download it and try it for yourself at the end.

First off, the "Now Playing" screen has received several changes:

The new one (bottom) looks better compared to the older Google Music 3 (top) version. The look is sleeker and there is also an added search button since Ice Cream Sandwich has no physical search key.

Once you click the album art in the now playing screen, you'll notice differences there aswell. GM3 only gives shuffle and repeat option, whereas Google Music 4 shows you the currently playing album and artist and a rating feature. You can "thumbs up" songs you like and "thumbs down" songs you don't like. Its a nice addition but the more usual 5 star based rating system is more accurate in my opinion.

The main screen of GM4 has some minor changes aswell. The player at the bottom is less obstructive and we have another search key there aswell:

Overall there seem to be some minor but welcome changes to Google Music 4. The app looks great and if you're interested in trying it out, you can download the apk from here and try it out for yourself.

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