The Division Heroic Dragon’s Nest Launches Today, Solo Players Balances Are Being Worked On

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The Division

The Division, the third person shooter developed by Ubisoft Massive now available on PC and consoles, comes with a prominent online component, and as such, the team is constantly updating the game. Earlier today, some of the changes, tweaks and new features coming soon to the game have been detailed in a new livestream.

During today's The Division State of the Game, some of the changes coming soon to the game, including those that have been revealed by the new update's patch notes, which launches later today on all formats, have been confirmed. Among the fixes coming after the end of maintenance are a fix for a bug when players die when returning to certain missions after respawning in a safe house, a nerf for the G36 and more. Also, it's been confirmed that Heroic's Dragon Nest will be available following today's maintenance, which is a double maintenance, and that the team is working on balances for solo players in both DZ and PvE. More changes for endgame Scavenging have also been teased.

Reddit user WoWAltoholic provided a recap of today's State of the Game livestream.

Highlighting Map fix in today's patch.
They understand that people might be focusing on the G36 fix. (15% base damage nerf)
They are focusing on changing the tone of the SOTG, using a tablet so they can see comments from Twitch chat to keep the 2-way communication going.
Two maintenances today, the Division maintenance 9-12 and ubisoft maintenance that overlaps meaning the servers could be down for up to 2 more hours (no confirmed time they will be up.)
Two hour state of the game hype!
Reading patch notes, see above. (only listing if additional comments are made)
Alphabridge gloves are fixed, all gloves are reset (basically re-rolled)
Fixed a bug where players would die when returning to certain missions after respawning in a safe house. This was related to the HVT issues where people were dying.
Responding to twitch chat, they are aware of the unhappiness of people in chat.
G36 was nerfed rather than buffing other guns as they feel like the G36 was the outlier. The difficulty and TTK issues are separate and and buffing the other weapons is not the solution.
Heroic Dragon's Nest is released today
There were fixes for some of the DELTA issues and the freezes on the Xbone.
Healing delay is still being investigated.
They are not depressed.
They have not watched the /u/skill-up video (3 major problems video) but know what it is about.
The G36 nerf will allow other weapons to be evaluated on a level playing field so the weapon balancing can be properly assessed.
There has been a greater variety of guns being used so there is more weapon variety.
They are looking at buffing weapons in other ways than the base damage etc that are being considered.
The G36 really highlighted the TTK issues to the developers and they do think the TTK is too long and leads to other issues like ammo capacity that the developers are aware of. It is not the way they want it to be.
They recognize the balancing for solo players is also affected by these TTK issues.
They know it's frustrating to here that things are being worked on but it does take time.
They know there is a lot of discussion about the loot/reward issues and the frustrations the community has been discussing.
They know there are some short term things they can do but there needs to be a longer term rework as well. There are no promises any changes are forthcoming but it is being discussed.
PVP toughness issues, developers are aware of the issues and they play the same game as the community. They understand it doesn't feel right, and are working on solutions. /u/hamishbode teases changes that will come to shake up DZ PVP.
/u/yannickbch stresses that there will be short term changes to alleviate the problems but long term changes are also being considered.
Solo player balances are also being worked on for both DZ and PVE.
There are no 229 GS blueprints at this time.
The Striker buff dropping when weapon switching is a bug that needs to be fixed but not today.
The developers are also discussing the Underground not being rewarding enough.
BLIND rifle no ETA
They are working on solutions for tank-ticians, Soon TM.
Time limit of HVTs; enemies were buffed due to better loot.
We can't just fix things, we need time to test things otherwise we could make things worse.
Better uses for DZ funds; yes they are looking into it.
Load-outs; it is a good request from the community, its been brought to the developers.
NPC shotgunners, nerf plz; hammish loves the challenge. Yannick acknowledges the problem for solo players.
Scavenging is being worked on for endgame play. It works well but not once you hit level 30.
The time frame for some of the fixes hinted at (the short term solutions) are things that can be done in weekly updates, long term fixes will come with the big patches like 1.4
Request for unified currencies; would be great QOL things, its on a list of suggestions but there are pressing issues as well competing for time.
The weighing of drops in the Underground is being looked at.
Request for HE laser pointers for pistol; hopefully
Why so many job postings for the game? They have big plans for the game and are expanding.
They still want to have PVP properties for ARs and shotguns.
No planned nerfs for the sentry set atm.
No zombies faction
Skills added in the future; there is a chance for it in the future, hammish mentioned that there were unused skills from the beta like the firefly drone.
If you have not got your season pass content with the gold edition pls contact support they can manually activate it.
Sound bug on PS4 is being worked on.
Named weapons don't scale (Midas will always be 182 GS)

Additionally, the Xbox One live new update is now available for download. The update's around 1.7 GB. We will let you know when the update becomes available on the other formats.

The Division is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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