The Division Future Content May Include New DZ Central Park, New Private Military Company Vanity Set And More


During the course of 2016, The Division, the third person shooter developed by Ubisoft Massive for PC and consoles, received plenty of additional content and updates, with the latest couple updates having been received well by the community. No announcement has been made regarding 2017, but it looks like the new year won't be much different than 2016.

Reddit user iamunkn0wn recently shared on The Division subreddit some new details about content that may be coming to the game in the future. All discoveries have been made through data mining, so there's always the chance of plans getting scrapped.

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The first big The Division new addition seems to be a new DZ Central Park.

Agent, we've started pushing further into the Dark Zone. We're unlocking the gates that lead north towards Central Par. I need you to get up there to do a little recon. Let me know what you see, and stay safe. It's not exactly friendly territory.

Look, there's no room. There's just no room any more. The park is full. They can't keep up with the dying. The transport trucks are dumping bodies outside and... and headed back for more. Jesus, I've never seen so much death. They have to seal it off. No one should ever see this...

I'm saying it's an opportunity. The JTF, they can't dig graves fast enough. So they are just taking the bodies,all of the bodies, and dumping them in Central Park. Just picking 'em up and throwing 'em in. I mean if you get a decent gas mask, maybe some hand sanitizer- you could find some serious shit in there. If they can't even bury 'em, they sure as hell aren't going through the pockets. But that doesn't have to stop us.

Other additions include SHD tactical terminal and a new NPC.

Hey. Agent. I need you to check in with the new guy, Kekich, over at the terminal. He’s got something big on his hands, and he could use your help.

Oh, hey, Agent. What you are looking at is one of the SHD tactical terminals airdropped into the DZ before we pulled out. They were supposed to help coordinate ops, but, wel that didn’t work out so great. So they’ve just been sitting there rusting, until now. They're waking up, and they are loaded with operational data we need. The terminal will bring you up to speed on how to get them fully online.

Good to see ya, Agent. These are the SHD tactical terminals that got left behind when we pulled out. They are loaded with operational data. We need to get to them and download what we can before anybody else does.

Agent, this is Kekich. swing by when you get a chance. We've got these SHD tactical terminals left behind in the Dark Zone. They’re loaded with heavy duty operational data, and we need to get to that data before any Rogue agents get the chance. We're gonna need your help with this one.

A new Private Military Company Vanity Set may also be coming, alongside Double Rewards for different activities, and themed DZ Contamination events.

New Vanity Set: Private Military Company

All the models and textures for the vanity sets were added (together with the christmas items) with 1.5 and will probably be released in the near future.

The Division is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We will keep you updated on future content as soon as more comes in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.