The Division Dev Has Plans To Have The Game’s Open World Area Changed

The Division, the third person shooter developed by Ubisoft Massive released back in March on consoles and PC, has received plenty of tweaks and fixes which are of bigger interest for those who enjoy the game's multiplayer and PvP features. Not much has been added to the game's main campaign, but it seems like changes for this portion of the game are, at least, getting planned.

The Division

Earlier today, Ubisoft Massive's Hamish Bode has responded to a player asking on today's livestream if there are plans to reinvigorate the PvE area by stating that the team has plans to have the open world area changed. Nothing else has been added, but it's definitely nice to see how Ubisoft Massive hasn't forgotten those who just enjoy taking down enemies and not just other players in the Dark Zone.

The Division is one of the most talked about games of the past few weeks, mostly due to the huge amount of exploits and glitches that some have been taking advantage of, disrupting the game's balance for the multiplayer components of the game. Last week, Ubisoft Massive confirmed that new cheat detection measures have been implemented, and several cheaters and hackers have been banned for 14 days. On second offense, all cheaters will be banned for good.

Despite the new cheat detection measures, many are still wary of Ubisoft Massive following the team's approach to the game's issues following the game's launch. The team knows this very well, as Online Infrastructure engineer Jan Harasym stated that The Division next update, update 1.2, will be the last chance to really entice players. Full patch notes have yet to be shared, so we don't know how big this next update will be, and what it will include.

The Division is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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