Discover The World With Instagram’s Search And Explore Features


Instagram has always been a friend of social media although in a slightly awkward sort of way as it lacked the heart to discover via its explore feature. On that note, Instagram's latest 7.0 update hits android and iOS to take on the world with its all new Search and Explore feature. With more than 300 million active users, 70 million photos and videos are shared each day. With such a hefty number of posts, Instagram did not come up to the ''explore'' category as locating them was a menace previously.

The Search and Explore feature is a revised and well defined feature introduced by Instagram that makes accessing posts shared worldwide, easier. Users are given permission to search for pictures and videos via tags, location, person, photographer or the subject matter. Instagram has been subtle to implement changes in a more provoking way which by word is true to the company's historic inclination.

An Ambitious  Explore And Search Update Hits Instagram

The Explore feature guides you through discovering new and old events and conversations from around the world. The explore section is dedicated to trending places and moments. Regarding the subject Blake Barnes, Instagram's Project Manager stated, “We can look at all these festivals and concerts, but this is also pretty remarkable because you can see all these people putting sand bags down after a flood, for example. You really get to feel what they are experiencing, and it really brings you into the moment,” Topics in Explore are collected in real time which are based on hashtags or checked-in places. The Explore feature will be available to U.S today and the rest of the world will get it soon enough.

The Search feature on the other hand has been spread worldwide. The overall searching capacity has been increased so users may benefit from exact information which they opted for. There are location based searches, people and tags based searches. All of these aims to specify users information, categorized in a neat manner for easy findings. The Top Search also enables you to search all of the above mentioned categories at once. Hence, making users search for anything which is relevant to the field.

Instagram is not a place to see beautiful pictures alone but the update has made it quite a bit more. With a hefty amount of users at its feet, it now competes with Twitter, which is quite a big step for the company. The update has hit both iOS and android users. Users who do not own Instagram can download it from Google Play Store or App Store. This is it for now. Do you guys think it was a much needed update for Instagram?