Get The Complete White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle For A Limited 96% Discount Offer Today

Complete White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle

Cyber threats are increasing every day and we are constantly exposed to them since we rely on the internet for almost everything. The problem with cyber threats is that you never know what form they will take. To battle these threats, ethical hackers have gained a lot of popularity. Becoming an ethical hacker in these times is definitely something that will pay off. Wccftech is offering an amazing discount on the Complete White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle.

Complete White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle features

With this amazing bundle you will become an expert at taking down cyber threats and you can start your own career in it. With this bundle you no longer have to worry about the amount of resources you would be spending to learn a new skill. The bundle includes 8 comprehensive courses and each course has something unique to offer. Here are highlights of what the bundle has to offer:

  • Hacking & Penetration Testing With Metasploit
    Pinpoint Vulnerabilities Using One of the Most Popular Pentesting Frameworks
  • Hacking Wireless Networks: Theory & Practice
    Explore the Essentials of Hacking Networks with this Example-Driven Course
  • Rootkits & Stealth Apps: Creating & Revealing 2.0
    Detect & Combat Malicious Programs That Hide on Your Computer
  • Website Hacking In Practice: Hands-On
    Understand Today's Top Hacking Threats & How to Combat Them
  • IT Surveillance & Computer Forensics From Scratch
    Explore Bypassing Firewalls, Taking Over Remote Computers & More in This Practical Course
  • Computer & Network Hacking Mastery: Practical Techniques
    Master Proven Hacking Techniques to Safeguard Your Own Network
  • Hacking In Practice: Certified Ethical Hacking Mega Course
    Explore Today's Cyber Threats & Shut Them Down with 20+ Hours of Practical Training
  • Kali Linux Tutorial For Beginners
    Complete Your Cybersecurity Toolbox with Training on This Ethical Hacking Staple

The offer on this amazing bundle is expiring in a few days, so you better avail the offer as soon as possible. Happy Shopping!

Original Price Complete White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle: $894.92
Wccftech Discount Price Complete White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle: $29

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