Diablo Immortal Bug Costs Players Millions of XP, Blizzard Fix Doesn’t Seem to be Working

Jul 26, 2022 12:13 EDT
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Diablo Immortal has been the subject of plenty of criticism for its grindy progression, and now it seems a bug is outright robbing players of their rightfully-earned XP. This past weekend, Blizzard issued a hotfix for a couple of bugs, including one that was causing XP earned through Diablo Immortal’s Battle Pass to not be awarded properly. Blizzard claimed the issue was fixed and those who missed out on XP would have it awarded to them…

"XP in various Battle Pass tasks were not being rewarded to players. There was a hotfix to address this and the team is going through to calculate each individuals lost XP through the time periods affected by this bug. We have this data. The XP will be delivered once we go through the data."

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Unfortunately, according to threads on Reddit, it seems Blizzard’s hotfix wasn’t so hot after all. As of hours ago, some Diablo Immortal players are reporting the issue still isn’t fixed, or if it has been, they haven’t been awarded the XP they missed out on. Some players have reported losing millions of XP after the "fix." Blizzard has yet to issue an update on their update. We’ll update you if they do.

Again, Diablo Immortal not properly rewarding players is particularly galling given how byzantine and grindy it is even when it works as its supposed to. In a game where you can pay up to $600k to fully upgrade your character, ever scrap of XP is precious.

Activision Blizzard has faced a series of lawsuits and other legal action on the heels of a suit filed by California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) alleging widespread gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment at the Call of Duty publisher. You can get more details on that unfolding story here.

Diablo Immortal is available now on PC and mobile devices.


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