Deal Alert: AUKEY 5000mAh USB-C Power Bank for $13

Uzair Ghani

AUKEY's 5000mAh power bank is ultra-compact and super fast thanks to that USB-C port. And it's dirt cheap today, too.

Charge up Your Devices at 5V/3A Thanks to AUKEY's USB-C Power Bank

It is always satisfying to know that you are carrying extra power with you in your pocket. AUKEY's 5000mAh lipstick style power bank will fit in literally any pocket, and packs a day's worth of power in an extremely small enclosure. So small in fact, that you might even forget that it is even there.

AUKEY USB-C power bank with 5V/3A charging

The great thing about this power bank is that it features a USB-C port. If you connect a compatible device with this portable battery, you can expect charging speeds at up to 5V/3A, which directly equates to 15W. That might not sound like much, but when you are out and about and just want a quick recharge, those extra watts are going to make a world of difference.

That USB-C port is bidirectional, meaning that you can use the same port to charge up the power bank itself using a USB-C wall adapter. If you are using a USB-C phone or tablet, then you don't need to carry extra cables with you as a single USB-C cable is more than enough.

Since this is an AUKEY product therefore you can expect it to be extremely safe to use and conform to every safety standard imaginable. So you don't have to worry about overheating, overcharging and things like that.

This is a limited time deal which will expire without any sort of notice. If you want to grab it for yourself, we suggest that you do it right now. All you need to do is clip that on-screen coupon in order to bring the price down to a very reasonable $13. Even at $25, this power bank represents good value for money as it is USB-C.

Buy AUKEY USB C Power Bank 5000mAh - Was $25, now just $13 using on-page coupon

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