Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 240 Video Review

Keith May

Taking a look at Cooler Masters latest take on the All-in-One CLC market and we can definitely see that it’s not quite like anything that is out right now. Featuring a unique radiator design, all new fans, and a quite funky pump/block the MasterLiquid Pro 240 really is a horse of a different color.
While our full video review is available, see below, I wanted to take a look specifically at the new FlowOp Technology that Cooler Master has built this kit around. They’re looking at the entire package rather than focusing on one key component to set this unit apart. A new Square fin Design on the radiator allowing for better contact between fins and water channels. A new kind of fan that is an excellent balance between air flow and air pressure since the radiator is less restrictive. They’re still going with FEP tubing, which does have its benefits of ultra low evaporation as well as anti-kink properties. But the real magic of this cooler is taking place in the new Dual Chamber pump design.


Cooler Master FlowOp description.


Basically, in the past with almost every closed loop cooler the pump/block combo has been single layered. Meaning the water comes in, gets circulated through the same level via the impeller and pushed out the same side.




Cooler Master changes this method up with the use of their new Dual Chamber design. This design has the pump sit atop the cold plate area with a larger impeller motor that that draws water in and pushes it through another pipe. That pipe then goes down into one side of the cold plate and is “sprayed” in the center of the fin stack and then moved to the edges. From the edges it is collected via pressure and pushed out the opposite side of the housing.




How well does all of this work? Well we paired it up with our flamethrower of an i7 6800k and hit it with Prime95 Small FFTs as well as some CPU intensive gaming to see how it fared.


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