Control Release Date Confirmed, PS4 Getting Exclusive Special Edition and Mission


A release date Remedy Entertainment’s new sci-fi adventure Control leaked late last week, and now the studio has confirmed the game is indeed coming out this August. Remedy has also released an impressive new Control trailer, which provides a nice taste of the game’s stylish environments and versatile combat. You can check it out, below.

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While I haven’t had a chance to go hands-on with Control, I have to say, its action is looking pretty impressive. I love how fluidly protagonist Jesse can take to the air – this one ought to fulfill some superhero fantasies. Haven’t been keeping up with Control? Here’s the official synopsis:

Set in a unique and ever-changing world that juxtaposes our familiar reality with the strange and unexplainable, Control is a third-person action-adventure game combining Remedy’s trademark gunplay with supernatural abilities.

After a secretive agency in New York is invaded by an otherworldly threat, players will take on the role of Jesse Faden, the new Director struggling to regain Control. This sandbox-style, gameplay-driven experience built on the proprietary Northlight engine challenges players to master a combination of supernatural abilities, modifiable loadouts and reactive environments while fighting through the deep and mysterious worlds Remedy is known and loved for.

Pre-orders for Control are now open, and everybody who reserves the game will get a special Tactical Response Gear outfit for Jesse and a crafting resources pack. Of course, there are the usual assortment of special editions, with the Retail Deluxe Edition ($70) including a metal case and a collection of art cards.

Those playing on PS4 will also get a variety of bonuses, including exclusive weapon and character mods, the Astral Dive suit for Jesse, and two PS4 themes. There’s also the PS4-exclusive Digital Deluxe Edition ($80) which comes with yet another outfit for Jesse, an additional side mission, entitled “Isolation,” and access to both of the game’s upcoming expansions, “The Foundation” and “AWE.” A bit confused? As is becoming standard, Control has a pre-order chart to help you figure it all out. Actually, it has two, one for PS4 and one for PC/Xbox One – check them out below (click on images for full resolution).

Control hovers onto PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on August 27.