Control Aims to be a Modern Metroid, Launch Window Revealed


We’ve know for a while that Remedy Entertainment’s new sci-fi adventure Control would be coming sometime in 2019, but nothing more specific than that. Well, we don’t have an exact release date just yet, but according to Game Informer, the game will be arriving this summer.

Game Informer also got some new information about Control’s structure and combat from director Mikael Kasurinen. Unlike past Remedy games like Max Payne and Alan Wake, Control will take a much less linear approach...

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"Through the main campaign, you upgrade your security clearance through this world and to do that you can actually unlock more different kind of doors and gateways. Early in the game, you will face certain doors you can't access yet. As you go through the campaign and through the world, you get a higher clearance and you can go back to these areas that you had to skip initially. On top of that, we have also areas that are limited by the ability you have, for instance, levitation."

In other words, Control is pretty much Metroid, except the game’s superpowered female protagonist doesn’t wear a big suit of orange space armor. Remedy also promises Control’s combat will be more fluid and dynamic than anything they’ve done before.

"[In past games] We scripted every single enemy where they appeared and how and so on. In this game it's all procedural. The enemies are spawned by a system and all of these things can support this world that is open-ended."

As Kasurinen hints, Control uses a procedural AI system, called the Encounter Director, to determine the groups of enemies you’ll face. This is based on a variety of factors -- the area you’re in and how you reached it, your level, ect. This, combined with the fact that Control won’t have multiple difficulty settings, would seem to indicate Remedy is trying hard to make a game that adapts to the player. We’ll have to see how successful the approach is.

Control is coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4.