Get The Complete Linux eBook Bundle For An Amazing Pay What You Want Offer – Offer Expires In Few Hours

Complete Linux eBook Bundle

Linux is something that you should definitely look into, especially if you are a programming enthusiast. Wccftech is offering you the chance to get your hands on the Complete Linux eBook Bundle for a Pay What You Want offer. The offer will get you the chance to take advantage of some amazing courses. Avail it now, as it is going to expire in a few hours. You won’t regret this investment!

Complete Linux eBook Bundle features

The Complete Linux eBook Bundle is extremely extensive and contains 4 amazing eBooks. Each book covers a unique aspect of Linux and you will learn a lot. Just pay what you want and if what you pay is less than the average price, you get something amazing. If what you pay beats the average price, you get the entire bundle and if you beat the leader’s price you even get featured on the leader’s board and get entered for an epic giveaway. Here are highlights of what the bundle has to offer:

Mastering Linux Security & Hardening

  •  Access 376 pages & 11 hours of content 24/7
  •  Use various techniques to prevent intruders from accessing sensitive data
  •  Prevent intruders from planting malware, & detect whether malware has been planted
  •  Prevent insiders from accessing data that they aren’t authorized to access
  •  Do quick checks to see whether a computer is running network services that it doesn’t need to run
  •  Learn security techniques that are common to all Linux distros, & some that are distro-specific

Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook, Third Edition

  •  Access 552 pages & 16.5 hours of content 24/7
  •  Interact w/ websites via scripts
  •  Write shell scripts to mine & process data from the eb
  •  Automate system backups & other repetitive tasks w/ crontab
  •  Create, compress, & encrypt archives of your critical data
  •  Configure & monitor Ethernet and wireless networks
  •  Monitor & log network and system activity
  •  Tune your system for optimal performance
  •  Improve your system’s security

Mastering Linux Shell Scripting, Second Edition

  •  Access 284 pages & 8.5 hours of content 24/7
  •  Make, execute, & debug your first Bash script
  •  Create interactive scripts that prompt for user input
  •  Foster menu structures for operators w/ little command-line experience
  •  Develop scripts that dynamically edit web configuration files to produce a new virtual host
  •  Write scripts that use AWK to search & report on log files
  •  Draft effective scripts using functions as building blocks, reducing maintenance & build time
  •  Make informed choices by comparing different script languages such as Python w/ BASH

Mastering Embedded Linux Programming, Second Edition

  •  Access 478 pages & 14 hours of content 24/7
  •  Evaluate the Board Support Packages offered by most manufacturers of a system on chip or embedded modules
  •  Use Buildroot & the Yocto Project to create embedded Linux systems quickly and efficiently
  •  Update IoT devices in the field without compromising security
  •  Reduce the power budget of devices to make batteries last longer
  •  Interact w/ the hardware without having to write kernel device drivers
  •  Debug devices remotely using GDB
  •  Find out how to configure Linux as a real-time operating system

Original Price Complete Linux eBook Bundle: $160
Wccftech Discount Price Complete Linux eBook Bundle: PAY WHAT YOU WANT!

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