Build Your Own VR Games With The Complete AppGameKit VR Starter’s Kit – 82% Discount Available For A Limited Time


People who love gaming understand that gaming is not just for fun, it’s an art. Every new game has a design behind it and it must have taken a lot of hard work to build the entire game. The world now has an increased interest in VR gaming. It is interesting and takes you to whole other place altogether. If you have a passion for VR gaming, then why not look into building it as well. Build your own VR games from scratch. Wccftech is offering a great deal on the Complete AppGameKit VR Starter’s Kit. The deal is for a limited time only so you better hurry up if you want to avail it.

Complete AppGameKit VR Starter’s Kit features

Complete AppGameKit VR Starter’s Kit has four comprehensive courses that will allow you to build amazing VR games. Here are some of the highlights on what each course has to offer:


  •  Easy to learn for beginners, but powerful enough for veterans to create engaging games
  •  Deploys games to iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows desktops, laptops, and tablets, Mac OS devices, Linux, HTML5 browsers, and Raspberry Pi
  •  Allows you to build and sell games quickly and easily
  •  Let’s you learn coding logically but quickly through expert guides and tutorials

AppGameKit Virtual Reality Kit

  •  Perform diagnostic checks on the hardware and SteamVR
  •  Initialize the HMD
  •  Create standing or seated VR experiences
  •  Set the scale and camera ranges
  •  Render a 3D scene to the HMD
  •  Read the 3D values and angles of the HMD and of the player
  • Control the position and rotation of a player within a 3D scene
  •  Detect the movements of both the user's left and right hands and determine input from joysticks

AppGameKit Sound Library Kit

  •  Contains 310 sounds covering everything from gun battles to spell sounds
  •  All sounds provided in .wav format
  •  Let’s you liven up your games with little extra effort

AppGameKit Official Tutorial Guide

  •  Access over 900 digital pages of instruction 24/7
  •  Learn how to design, implement, and test a game
  •  Understand how to produce animations and display videos
  •  Add sound effects with ease and control on-screen movement
  •  Use touch, keyboard, mouse, and joystick commands
  •  Make use of library files to speed up production and keep records of top scores
  •  Manipulate images and create your own fonts

Original Complete AppGameKit VR Starter’s Kit Price: $174.96
Wccftech Complete AppGameKit VR Starter’s Kit Price: $29.99