Colorful Enters The Pre-Built Computer Market With Their Sigma M500 Line

Alex Casas

Colorful Technology Company Limited, a professional manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards and high-performance storage solutions is thrilled to introduce its latest product to gamers. The new Sigma M500 Desktop computer is COLORFUL’s brand new offering for gamers who want a plug-and-play solution for their gaming needs. No need to configure or set up anything, the new SIGMA M500 comes ready for battle.

Inspired BY DIY, Beyond DIY

The new SIGMA M500 line of pre-built desktops comes in pre-configured specifications and combinations providing great gaming experience as well as computing performance. COLORFUL makes this happen with 8th-gen and 9th-gen Intel Core processors. Also, as the pride of COLORFUL’s product line, all SIGMA M500 desktops come equipped with COLORFUL GeForce graphics cards. This is complemented by fast DDR4 memory together with SSD storage.

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The most iconic part of the iGame Sigma M500 is its brand-new chassis. Inspired by DIY-built gaming PCs, the chassis inherits many factors from DIY including high-quality workmanship, performance, stability and high technical standards. iGame believes these helps make a great gaming experience and Sigma covers all of these and provides in a simple package.

The new Sigma M500’s power button has a signature click to it which gives a memorable and satisfying feel to every start-up.

Silence Is Beauty

The Sigma M500 is designed to provide great thermals while keeping to noise to a minimum. Unique wing-type air vents provide a good balance of thermal ventilation as well as a muting effect. The vents are done in an aesthetically balanced approach to achieving a nice harmony of technology and design.c

Also complimenting the symmetry of the iGame Sigma M500 are the symmetric front ports with the lighting controls, reset switch flanked by a pair of USB3.0 and USB2.0 ports topped off the by the front audio and mic jacks. The central power button serves as a nice centerpiece and serves as a crown for the Sigma M500.


The iGame SIGMA M500 line comes in Basic, Advanced, Prime and Ultra configurations with MSRP of $749, $839, $899 and $1145 respectively.

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