Chuwi CoreBook Is a Surface Pro Competition With Decent Specifications and Has Made Huge Waves on Its Crowdfunding Campaign


It is always refreshing to see competitors coming up with cheaper Surface Pro alternatives but they don’t always have the cash to come up with a premium product. Thanks to crowdfunding campaigns via Indiegogo and Kickstarter, hybrids like the Chuwi CoreBook have a shot of providing users with a decent performing tablet and something that goes very easy on their wallet.

Chuwi CoreBook Features a Kaby Lake Processor and 6GB of RAM While Boasting an ‘All Day’ Battery Life

After the tremendously successful SurBook campaign on Indiegogo with more than 1 million dollars raised, Chuwi has another ambitious plan; to release the CoreBook, which sports specifications that will make it a worthy Surface Pro alternative. The crowdfunding part is expected to start around mid-November.

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As for the specifications of the Chuwi CoreBook, it has a Core m3-7Y30 processor, which is not the fastest chip around but for productivity, media consumption, web browser and streaming it will get more done than what you would have hoped for. Supplementing the efficiency of the Kaby Lake processor, you get 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

The Windows 10-powered Chuwi CoreBook features a 13.3-inch Full HD display with 2.5D glass design and sports a fingerprint recognition system that the company is calling it Touch ID for some reason. The tablet can also turn into a 2-in-1 thanks to a keyboard accessory that can go all the way up down to a viewing angle of 165 degrees.

There is also a pen accessory which the company states can exert 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity in order to mimic the feeling of an actual pen. The addition of the 7th-generation processor is going to be a welcome component since it will be able to compete with the base model of the Surface Pro.

Pricing details have yet to be mentioned but you can always participate in the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to see the product materialize at a later date.

Do you think this is going to be a worthy Surface Pro competitor? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: Chuwi