Chrome 65 Rolling Out – Security Fixes, Material Design Updates, Tab-Under Blocking, and New APIs


Chrome 65 is now rolling out to Windows, Mac and Linux ahead of Android (now available). Today's update brings a number of new features and improvements to the browser, along with over 45 security fixes. Security issues addressed in Chrome 65 range from medium to high in severity rating. Google said that the latest browser version will be rolled out over the coming days and weeks.

"The Chrome team is delighted to announce the promotion of Chrome 65 to the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux," the company announced this evening. "Chrome 65.0.3325.146 contains a number of fixes and improvements - a list of changes is available in the log."

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Boasting over a billion users worldwide, Chrome is the most used and one of the most popular browsers. The latest version, along with several other features, also blocks tab-under redirects predominantly used by malvertisers. This process forces a webpage to open links in new tabs and redirects original tab to a new URL.

The browser is bringing a few visual changes, bringing the Material Design revamp to the extensions page. Chrome 65 now also shows favicons next to website addresses in omnibox suggestions.

On the developer side, Google has introduced new APIs with Chrome 65, including:

  • CSS Paint API aka CSS Custom Paint: allows developers to programmatically generate images via JavaScript inside CSS code.
  • Server Timing API: allows web servers to pass performance timing information via HTTP headers to browsers, providing developers a more complete performance picture that includes the speed of both the client and the server.
  • Support for Web Authentication API: allows the creation and use of strong, attested, cryptographic scoped credentials by web applications, for the purpose of strongly authenticating users.

With the Chrome 65 being promoted to the Stable Channel, the Dev Channel has now been updated to 66.0.3359.10 (Platform version: 10452.1.0). The company also updated Play Store to version 9.1.24 (download here).

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Complete changelog is available over at Google; details of security issues being addressed by Chrome 65 can be accessed in this post. Google said that its latest Chrome 65 is also faster and more secure than the previous versions.

[Update] Chrome 65 is now also available for Android

Chrome 65 for Android is also now available on the Play Store. Version 65.0.3325.109 will start appearing over the next few days, depending on your region (direct download here). Today's Chrome update brings several new features, including:

  • Set language preferences for web content in Settings > Languages
  • Turn on the prompt for simplified view for all supported articles in Settings > Accessibility settings
  • Share and delete downloads more easily on the Downloads page