CHOETECH 19W Dual USB Port Solar Panel is 23% Off Today, Deal Price Just $46

solar panel

Now is your chance to pick up a 19W portal solar panel with two USB ports for a price of just $46.

The portable battery pack is the best thing that has happened to the mobile accessory market. Not only the options available are super portable, but they pack in a lot of power too, allowing you to top up your phone or tablet's battery on the go multiple times.

Like every other battery out there, once that battery pack runs dry, you have to connect it to a power adapter. That's not the case with a solar panel, however. As long as the sun is above your head, you can charge up however you like. CHOETECH is offering one of its solar panels at a discount and it's a pretty great deal too.

For starters, this solar panel is pretty compact, and can push out 19W of energy on a great sunny day. There are two USB ports thrown in the mix too so you can charge up two devices at once. Those ports happen to pack CHOETECH's very own smart charging tech that detect the connected device and deliver the fastest possible safe charge.

With a conversion rate of up to 24%, this solar panel will keep you powered up as long as the sun is above your head. It's a perfect like accessory to have around if you are camping out in the wild or just want something that does not rely on a wall outlet at all in order to deliver power to other devices.

solar panel

SMART CHARGING TECHNOLOGY】 Charge compatible devices at up to 5V/3A when under direct sunlight. Convert up to 22-24% of solar power into free energy with highly efficient sunpower solar panel.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY】 Energy-saving, constructed with PET laminated solar panels with high-wear PVC fabric, this usb solar charger offers weather-resistant outdoor durability. Works for most of devices that require 5V power.
【HIGHLY PORTABLE】 Ultra Compact size 10.3x 0.6in when folded and ready for travel, just slip it into the bag and go out whenever you like, the solar power panels with two eye-holes on the side allow easy attachment to backpacks, trees or tents.

Head over to the link below in order to grab the deal for yourself. Remember to enter that special discount code in order to get solar panel at a reduced price.

Buy Solar Charger, CHOETECH 19W Solar Phone Charger Dual USB Port - Was $60, now just $46.19 using discount code R5XLBR7T

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