Blocks, the World’s First Modular Smartwatch, Is Now Available for Purchase

Kickstarter is one of the most exciting places on the internet, in the sense that you can see everything ranging from a piece of technology that'll be indispensable in the next few years to absolute travesties that make you think, "why would anyone even come up with something like this?".

A modular smartwatch leans more towards the former and we're glad that someone took the time and effort to develop one. Blocks, the world's first modular smartwatch first made an appearance at Kickstarter and managed to raise $1.6 million in capital.

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The product was mired in repeated delays, and some skeptics speculated that the product would never see the light of day. Thankfully, we now have a fully functional retail unit of the smartwatch, which is expected to go on sale shortly.

Smartwatch to be Unveiled at CES 2018

The first functional rendition of the smartwatch is to be unveiled sometime during CES 2018. The core product is going to cost you $259, which can then be customized with modules, which are available separately. A pack of four modules is current only in pre-order for $140. You can choose the modules yourself, bringing the total to $399, which is pricey, by most standards.

The available modules include one that measures temperature, humidity, air pressure and altitude, a combo GPS/GLONASS sensor, a heart rate monitor, an LED flashlight and a smart button, which launches apps. However, there are other slightly more useful modules being developed which will include an NFC chip, an air quality monitor and UV sensor.

The company allows for the third-party development of modules, which opens up the possibilities of developers creating their hardware for the smartwatch. It is unclear at this moment as to how many of the modules the host company will manufacture, but that is mostly dependant on the number of units sold.

Smartwatches aren't at the best place in the market right now, as it panders only to a niche audience and is not anywhere close to replacing conventional watches. What module would you like to see for the Blocks smartwatch, lets us know in the comments below?

News Source: Tech Crunch

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