Beats Has Introduced Its new Studio3 Wireless Headphones That Come With Pure Adaptive Noise Cancellation

Omar Sohail
Beats announces new Studio3 wireless headphones

Intending to improve your audio experience for a premium? Beats today has announced its new family of Studio3 wireless headphones which will take advantage of multiple technologies, with one of them being something that the company is calling Pure Adaptive Noise Cancellation.

Beats’ New Studio3 Wireless Headphones Also Feature Apple’s W1 Chip, Allowing the Audio Accessory to Seamlessly Pair Between Apple Devices - Better Battery Life Also Detailed

According to the announcement details, the new Beats Studio3 wireless headphones come armed with Apple’s W1 chip, allowing these headphones to pair with Apple devices effortlessly. Unfortunately, you will still have to go through the same mundane process of pairing the accessory to non-Apple devices using Bluetooth technology.

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However, even if you are in the possession of non-Apple devices, the new Studio3 headphones boast better battery life. With Pure Adaptive Noise Cancellation (or Pure ANC) active, these headphones have been rated to deliver a battery life of 22 hours and around 40 hours with Pure ANC inactive.

Another advantage is that the latest lineup of headphones will support Fast Fuel, meaning that after you plug in these headphones in the power outlet, you will get up to 3 hours of battery life while charging for just 10 minutes.


With its Class 1 Bluetooth chip, these wireless headphones will also shoot better range when paired with your devices, meaning there are going to be fewer chances of the connection being severed. These latest devices will be available in the following colors.

  • Matte Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Porcelain Rose (Special Edition)
  • Shadow Gray (Special Edition)

What is not special about these pair of headphones is the insanely high price tag that they ship with. For $349.95 a pop, they aren’t exactly introducing a price/performance ratio to the masses, but if you want to experience high battery life, seamless connectivity with Apple devices and of course Pure ANC, you should take a gander.

News Source: Business Wire

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