ATi’s HD6000 series GPUs will hit markets in 2010

Syavash Pahore

Since the launch of the first DX11 GPUs with the HD5000 series, ATi has sold 16million DX11 GPUs so far. Among other things, their sales revenue has also risen by 90% compared to last year thanks to DX11.

Dirk Meyer, AMD CEO, has announced that ATi's next genration DX11 GPUs (codenamed: Southern islands) will launch in 2010 as the HD6000series.

The GPUs will still be based on the 40nm manufacturing process though it is unclear what major advancements the HD6000 series will bring to the GPU industry.  AMD is expected to launch the cards before the end of 2010 although its unlikely that the whole range will be introduced before 2010 ends.


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