ASUS Showcases Rampage IV Extreme Black Motherboard That Was Never Meant To Go on Sale


ASUS's ROG Nordic facebook page today posted a picture of their secret project, the Rampage IV Extreme Black. ASUS had already launched the ROG Rampage Extreme IV quiet a while ago, the new revision was meant to use a complete black PCB but was never intended to be available to the average consumers as stated by ASUS:

ROG Rampage IV Extreme Black. We made a few of these for a small project so they will never go on sale. But what do you think, are motherboards in all black color theme something you would like? Or is there any other combination of colors you prefer?.ASUS ROG Nordic

ASUS ROG Rampage IV Extreme Black Motherboard

Design wise, the Rampage IV Extreme Black is not a complete overhaul over the original model but only offers a complete matte black PCB color which is a good change since most PC builders prefer all-black setups.

The Rampage IV Extreme Black supports 4-way NVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossFireX and is designed to empower overclockers to reach new records while also offering the absolute best gaming performance and stability. Storage can be seen to include 2 SATA 6Gbps and Four Sata 3Gbps.

It comes loaded with overclocking features well-suited to competitive benchmarking. Exclusive ROG X-Socket means LGA 1366 based CPU coolers and LN2 containers can be used as-is with the new board. OC Key is an ROG-designed device that connects to the DVI port of any graphics card to display performance and overclocking info on the screen independent of system resources. Users can make changes with no additional software, and without slowing their PC down.

Overall, the Rampage IV Extreme Black looks quiet cool but it should be noted that it was never meant to go on sale but was only built by ASUS for an internal company project. ASUS did ask on their facebook page about what colors do people prefer on their Rampage IV Extreme motherboards so maybe the company would out some limited edition custom colored boards only if there's quiet a demand for them.