Where are Text Suggestions While Typing on Apple Watch [Tutorial]


Ever wondered where those text suggestions are while you scribble away on your Apple Watch? Today we'll show you how to view (and use) them.

Never Mess up a Word Again While Typing on Apple Watch Using Text Suggestions

Typing anything on the Apple Watch has never been an easy task regardless of which route you take. Talking to your wrist looks awkward and typing away using your finger can take forever in most cases. What makes matters worse is when you mess up a word, forcing you to type it again if autocorrect does not manage to fix it for you in the first place. If only there were text suggestions like the iPhone or iPad while scribbling on the Apple Watch, right? Well, they definitely exist and it's pretty darn easy to use.

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In today's guide, we'll show you how to get up to speed with it.

Text Suggestions on Apple Watch

As an example, I'm just going to scribble in the Messages app. You may use this tip anywhere else as long as the 'Scribble' option is available for you.

1. First and foremost tap on the 'Scribble' option for typing something using your finger.

Text Suggestions

2. Now type a word. You don't have to intentionally mess it up to see suggestions.

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Text Suggestions

3. Once you've typed the word, in my example I've written 'Hi,' just roll the Digital Crown and you'll immediately see more suggestions even emoji.

Text Suggestions

If that doesn't ease things down for you, we don't know what will.

Honestly, it would have been great if Apple threw in a little tutorial on the Apple Watch itself when you're typing for the first time so that you know text suggestions actually exist and you can get to them with a simple roll of the Digital Crown. For me, they've proven to be very, very useful lately in a lot of cases. Typing away long sentences become a breeze and inserting emoji after simply typing a word like 'fire' is a convenience on one can deny.

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