Apple Watch Series 2 And Apple Watch Nike Plus Pre-Order Dates Are Here


Apple's 'See you on the 7th' event is live right now as new upgrades to the previous devices are being announced. While the event's prime focus is on the iPhone 7, the company has a lot of other surprises to share with us. Apple has just announced the Apple Watch Series 2, the heir to its last year's wearable. While the overall concept of the smartwatch remains the same, the Cupertino camp definitely has a few surprises up its sleeves. Moreover, the pre-order details are out, so be sure to pen the dates down.

Apple Watch Series 2 Pre-Orders Begin September 9

The Apple Watch on its own was a very capable device, boasting powerful internals for a watch and unmatched functionality. Today's successor to the Apple Watch brought its own set of surprises ranging from bigger battery to a whole lot more. For an in-depth review on the announcement, check out our extensive coverage here. If you're interested in getting the Apple Watch Series 2 for yourself, be sure to take note of the details. We will tell you when and how you can pre-order the wearable and what variant of the Apple Watch Series 2 suits best for you.

Apple Watch Series 2

Since there are two variants of the Apple Watch announced at the event, the pre-order dates are different. The standard Apple Watch Series 2 pre-orders will begin September 9. As for the Apple Watch Nike Plus, they will be available by the end of October. Both of these Apple Watch models are priced at $369. As the details have been mentioned, be sure to pick up the Apple Watch variant that best suits you. In terms of what the Apple Watch will be like, it will feature the same design and aesthetics with minor tweaks throughout.


Other than this, the watch features water resistance to 50m of depth. This has opened several new possibilities for how the wearable can be used. For an average Apple Watch user, the waterproofing would only come into play in case of accidents. However, professionals have an option to use it in more damp environments. So hands down, this might be the best new feature implemented on the Apple Watch.


There is quite a handful of other aspects that needs to be considered when buying the Apple Watch Series 2. However, if you're a tech enthusiast and you must have the Apple Watch at all cost, there's no stopping you from getting it. wachOS 3 will be powering the Apple Watch Series 2, which brought new features to the table as well.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the Apple Watch Series 2 pre-order structure? Would you be interested in getting one? Let us know in the comments.