Apple Watch Owners Celebrating New Years With Animated Fireworks On The Clock Face

Apple Watch owners are discovering a new Easter egg on their wearable’s clock face. When the clock strikes twelve in each time zone. the Apple Watch watch face lights up with animated fireworks. This is something that the Apple Watch is already known for performing. That’s right, your wearable does a similar operation at your birthday. So this New Years, keep a look at your Watch for the animated fireworks. Let’s dive in to see some more details on the new animated gesture.

Apple Watch Clock Face Shows New Year Celebration As The Clock Strikes Twelve

As we have mentioned earlier, the Apple Watch will light up to show animated fireworks on New Years if you’re residing in the relevant time zone. At this stage, a lot of users have experienced the animated fireworks on their wearable’s clock face as the hours rolled around in the host time zones.

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You might have already experienced the same thing on your birthday as the watch face of your Apple Watch was filled with balloons. This happens when the calendar matches the date of a user’s birthday. However, this is not something which was present on the Apple Watch from the start. Both, the New Year Celebration and birthday celebration on the watch face was introduced with watchOS 4. Possibly enough, we could see more celebrations depending on the type of the holiday or an event in the calendar.

At this point in time, this was the very first opportunity to see the newly added feature for Apple Watch owners. If you haven’t experienced the new animated firework feature just yet, wait for the clock to hit twelve or 00:00 on New Years. You will experience animated fireworks taking over your clock face. Be sure to check at exact twelve in your time zone.

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However, in case you have missed the animated fireworks on the clock face of your Apple Watch, you can watch it again by tapping on the ‘Happy New Year’ notification in the Notification Center. This will give you a chance to check out the animated fireworks again. This is pretty cool if you ask me, not because it’s special but the fact that not other wearable on the market are adopting such a gesture.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the New Year’s clock face celebration on the Apple Watch? Share your views in the comments. As for now, Happy New Years Everyone!

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