Apple Pauses All App Store Gambling Ads Following Outrage

Furqan Shahid
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Ads are not something that anyone would want to see during their smartphone experience. No matter how expensive or cheap your phone is, ads are a bane that ruins the experience.

Earlier this week, Apple decided to bump up the number of ads that show up on the App Store. While normally, it would not be a problem but this time around, many of these apps were related to gambling apps, this started a conversation amongst several iPhone users about how these ads are certainly not good because they are promoting something that most people are simply not comfortable with.

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You Will No Longer See Any Gambling Ads on the Apple App Store, But We Are Not Sure for How Long

Thankfully, Apple has taken action and paused the promotion of gambling apps on its App Store.

Talking to MacRumors' Joe Rossignol, Apple has stated that it has "paused ads related to gambling and a few other categories on the App Store product pages." This means users going through different sections of the store are not going to see these ads anymore. However, the newly-added ad slots are still there but they are not occupied by gambling, which certainly is a good thing.

One must also understand that Apple's statement is still not clear enough as it does not talk about what the company is looking forward to doing in the future to take care of these ads and whether or not Apple is going to ban such ads forever. Which would be a drastic move considering how ads are important for any business to keep operating.

Aside from the ads in the App Store, Apple is also planning on introducing ads across Maps, Podcasts, and Books apps in the near future.

We have to wait and see whether this decision results in positive feedback from the users or not. Let us know what you think about having ads in built-in apps, a practice that has been under criticism for a long time.

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