Apple Announces 350 Scholarships For Developers To Attend This Year’s WWDC; Due Date For Applications Is April 1st


It's no secret. Apple's caught in a rut, and Cupertino needs to do all that it can to get out. During the Steve Jobs era, Apple capitalized and prided on its image of a high-end company; aiming to cater towards brand conscious users. Jobs' partnership with Jony Ive resulted in fantastic designs from the IDg, unparalleled for computing devices. However, as time went on, other companies caught up.

Apple, at the other hand refused to adopt. It kept up desperately to retain this image, going as far as to launch gold Apple Watches and a $1000 iPhone X. Of course, while we love to criticize, Cupertino can afford such mistakes - for a certain time period at least. Now, Apple is announcing WWDC scholarships for developers unable to afford the financial burden. Take a look below for the details.

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Apple Pledges To Cover WWDC Cost Of Attendance For Up To 350 Developers Who Can Not Foot The Bill; Requires Applicants To Be Enrolled Students And Above 13 Years Of Age

Apple has to make up for a lot of shortcomings at this year's WWDC. The iPhone X launch created several problems for the company. The need to drastically change iOS in order to conform with a button free front led towards a rushed release. This created several problems, which ended up hindering a smooth roll out.

Now, at the WWDC Apple needs to regain its composure. The conference is set for June, starting from the 4th and ending at the 8th. Today, Apple announces the opportunity for 350 developers to secure attendance free of cost. The selected applicants will receive a conference ticket, provision for lodging and one year free membership in the Apple developer program.

In order for eligiblity, participants should be above 13 years of age with membership of Apple's Developer Program.  They also need to demonstrate proof of enrollment in an accredited course of study or a STEM program. Finally, not everyone with these credentials can apply. Th applicants will have to submit a self-developed SWIFT playground and answer some company provided questions.

All applications must reach Apple by April 1st. Those who pass Infinite Loop's scrutiny will receive a confirmation by the 20th of April. They must confirm or reject the offer by the 27th. It's a great opportunity for folks with great ideas but limited resources. Also, the initiative is a good use of Apple's vast resources; certainly much better than life-sized, giant glass doors. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: Apple