Apple Is Now the Largest Watchmaker in the World, Surpassing the Swiss Watch Industry


Just yesterday, we reported that Apple sold a record Apple Watch units for the 2017 calendar year. In the process, the company has also managed to outpace the entire Swiss Watch industry. Here is a detailed look at the numbers so let us dive in.

Apple Watch Shipments in Q4 2017 Exceeded the Number of Watches Produced by the Swiss Watch Industry - Huge Milestone Achieved

According to Francisco Jeronimo, the Research Director at IDC, during the Q4 2017 shipments, Apple managed to sell more watch units than the entire Swiss industry, thus becoming the largest watchmaker in the world. Perhaps this might not have occurred to us, but Apple was able to sell around 18 million Apple Watch units during the entire 2017 period.

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Out of all these units, the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE capability sold the most number probably because it presented the most convenience to the user while it was strapped to their wrist.

Apple does not exactly release exact numbers for its Apple Watch lineup, though the company was able to generate a record-breaking $88.3 billion revenue for Q1 2018, so the Apple Watch did have some part to play in that revenue generation bit.

The immediate advantage of running the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE connectivity is the fact that the pairing process is not going to be required with your phone. In other words, it will not be necessary for you to tether your iPhone to the wearable in order to start receiving notifications.

The only drawback to this is that since the Apple Watch Series 3 relies on eSIM technology, LTE connectivity might not be available in your region that will give the wearable cellular-like functionality. In countries where such a feature has been enabled, you will definitely have fun with your new gadget.

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News Source: Twitter (fjeronimo)