Apple is Partnering with South Carolina to Build Eight Open Access Mac Computer Labs


Apple is partnering with South Carolina's governor and the local community and building eight open-access Mac computer labs. The company will be partaking in a $6 million investment and will be building these Mac labs across the state.

Governor Henry McMaster has announced this education initiative at a press conference on Tuesday; he has talked about how the expanded access to broadband and computers will help[ "bolster South Carolina's premier workforce training efforts by giving our communities and people access to resources they need to expand participation in our state's growing economy."

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Apple's Investment is Going to Make Information and Education Accessible to a Lot of People in South Carolina

For this initiative, Apple will work with HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), the Carolina Technical College System, and the local community directly to strategically build these labs in places that will be easily accessible by as many people as possible.

Susan Prescott, Apple's VP of worldwide developer relations and enterprise, has talked about Apple as a strong believer in education and how equal access to technology is one of the best equalizers for communities.

At Apple, we believe education is the great equalizer, and that access to technology is key to learning and workforce opportunities today. We are proud that Apple products and curriculum have been selected by the University of South Carolina and Benedict College for their new education labs. Together, we aim to ensure all South Carolinians have the opportunity to learn, code, create, and grow in new ways.

At the moment, we are not aware of what the specifics of these Macs are going to be, but we do know that these labs that Apple is building will be open for use by the staff, students, as well as community members regularly, and will be free of cost.

This is a great move by Apple that surely puts the company in a favorable light. We will update the information as the story develops even further.