Apple Acquires Startup AI Music, Will Have Access to Technology That Generates Music Based on User Interaction

Omar Sohail
Apple Acquires Startup AI Music, Will Have Access to Technology That Generates Music Based on User Interaction

The startup AI Music has been acquired by Apple, which should expand the company’s abilities to expand the horizons of its Apple Music service. For those that do not know, the startup uses artificial intelligence to generate personalized soundtracks and adaptive music, which will be excellent in a variety of scenarios, and we shall discuss those possibilities here.

Apple’s Latest Acquisition Could Change Tracks During a Workout Session, Introducing Intense Music

According to Bloomberg, AI Music developed an ‘Infinite Music Engine’ designed to curate audio tracks. The technology can generate dynamic soundtracks that can change based on a user’s interaction or a shift in their body’s activity. For instance, if a user is working out, the increase in his or her heartbeat could allow the technology to detect and accordingly, switch to those tracks that will further intensify those workouts.

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AI Music has said that this feature can allow advertisers to create audio that would match users’ current mood, which will likely change depending on the content they watch. Apple completed the acquisition of the UK-based firm in recent weeks, and before this move, AI Music had approximately two dozen employees. That kind of workforce is a tad bit small to be working on such impressive technology, but it is likely that the company had some brilliant minds present. Remember, it is not about quantity but quality.

Apple can take advantage of AI Music’s talent in more ways than one. In addition to its Apple Music service, there is also Apple Fitness+, which, as we mentioned above, could be used to dynamically change soundtracks based on how your body is operating at that time. Apple may also introduce advanced variations of AirPods that have sensors that could detect what environment you are listening to music in. While synced to your iPhone, the AirPods could dynamically change what music you listen to or make recommendations.

These AirPods could also detect the level of moisture developed in your ears due to excessive sweating during a workout or a light job outside. In any case, there are several use cases for this, so it makes complete sense why Apple could acquire AI Music.

News Source: Bloomberg

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