Anker 30W GaN USB-C Charger With Lightning Cable Discounted to $32 [Was $45]

Save big on Anker's GaN charger and Lightning cable combo

Pick up Anker's 30W GaN USB-C charger with a Lightning cable for just $32 today. You save more than $10 with this deal.

Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1 GaN Charger with USB-C to Lightning Cable Is a Perfect Accessory Bundle for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Users

Apple finally ships a fast charger and a USB-C to Lightning cable with its iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max smartphones. You still get that measly 5W adapter with the iPhone 11 though. But, you can dive into the world of fast charging by just spending $32 today, courtesy Anker.

For a limited time only, the power bank maker is offering its PowerPort Atom PD 1 wall charger along with a USB-C to Lightning cable for a price of just $32. Since the Atom PD 1 is powered by GaN therefore it is extremely small in size. And it can pump out 30W of power, making it ideal for use with something like a 12-inch MacBook or a MacBook Air. Furthermore, the USB-C to Lightning cable in the bundle is MFi-Certified meaning that it is adheres to all the standards set by Apple and will perform as good or better than what Apple offers.

You don't have to keep yourself limited to just Lightning with this charger. Even if you have an Android phone at hand, you can pick this deal up and just gift your Apple sheep friend the Lightning cable and make their day wonderful. After all, Apple charges $19 for a USB-C to Lightning cable so it would be a huge welfare to society if you put yourself in the giving end.

Pick up the deal today and make sure that you clip that on-page coupon in order to bring the price down to $32. If you don't see the coupon then it's highly likely that you missed the deal. But that's OK too, we will highlight the next one as soon as it knocks on our door.

Buy Anker 30W USB C Charger [GaN] PowerPort Atom PD 1 with 3 Foot Powerline Select USB-C to Lightning Cable Combo - Was $45, now just $32 using on-page discount coupon

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