New Data Shows Google’s Android OS Has Lost 8 Percent Market Share in Half a Decade, While iOS Continues to Grow

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Despite the fact that there are more Android smartphones in the world than Apple devices running iOS, Google’s mobile OS is slowly losing market share for the past five years, according to the latest data. As a direct consequence of losing market share, iOS is gaining traction, but the difference is still massive.

Android Still Holds the Lion Share of the Market, but iOS Governs More Than Quarter of It Now

Back in 2018, Android had a market share of 77.32 percent, according to StockApps. Unfortunately, Google’s operating system has not been able to maintain that position because, in a time span of five years, the market share of the platform has decreased to 69.74 percent. While that is almost two-thirds of the entire market, these statistics reveal that perhaps Android handsets are not as coveted as before.

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Speaking of iOS, five years ago, it had a market share of 19.4 percent, and since then, Apple has slowly been climbing its way to the top, with a 25.49 percent market share in January 2022. Windows Phone OS is out of the picture ever since Microsoft stopped providing any kind of support for it, and the rest of the platforms have lost around 7.58 percent in half a decade.

In the majority of regions, Android will be the most obvious choice for many customers since there are several options to choose from and low-cost offerings compel them to go down that road. In the U.S., iOS continues to dominate, while Android has cemented its position in Asian and South American markets with an 81 percent and 90 percent market share, respectively.

Apple’s increase in market share could be due to the company’s efforts focusing on developing markets with products like the 2022 iPhone SE. Even though the low-cost model is not doing so well according to previous reports, it features hardware that beats any internals present even in premium Android smartphones. Apple has other higher-priced options too, but pair that with the company’s long-term software and customer support, combined with the fact that competing handsets do not have much to offer, customers will proceed with the obvious choice.

Do you think Apple stands to gain more market as time passes? Tell us down in the comments.

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