An Apple Watch Overheated on a User’s Wrist and Later Exploded, Apple Investigating

Ali Salman
Apple Watch Series 7 Exploded After Overheating

The Apple Watch is a very capable device, and it is not every day that you get to see it smoking or overheating. Well, a user recorded how his Apple Watch Series 7 overheated on his wrist and then exploded later on. Apple has been notified of the issue and is investigating. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Apple Watch Series 7 Explodes After Overheating, Leaves Burn Marks on the Couch

An Apple Watch user explained to 9to5mac how the wearable heated up and exploded. The user was wearing the Apple Watch Series 7 when it started to heat up. The wearable was hotter than usual at his house, with the temperature just over 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, watchOS also showed a warning sign, prompting it to shut down due to the high temperature. The user contacted Apple Support and explained the situation.

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After connecting to multiple levels of hierarchy, the call was finally connected to a manager who created the case for investigation. The user was guided not to touch the watch since no solution was provided by the Apple executive at that time. However, it was only the beginning as the user woke up to find the Apple Watch even hotter than before. In addition, it also shattered the display of the watch. In an attempt to take pictures, the Apple Watch started making a "crackling sound" before it "exploded."

The user threw the Apple Watch out of the window to be safe. In addition, the watch also left burn marks on the couch. The user also visited ER due to concerns over lead poisoning. However, the Apple Watch does not contain enough quantities of lead to cause poisoning. The user reached out to Apple again, where he was told that the case would be a "top priority." The company arranged a delivery pickup of the exploded Apple Watch and also sent him a document to sign, asking him to remain silent on the story. However, he refused to sign it and instead shared the story with the publication.

This is all there is to it, folks. We will update the story with more details as soon as further details are available. Do you have a similar story to share? Let us know in the comments.

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