AMD Powers Europe’s Most Powerful Supercomputer Ever With 748,544 Zen 2 Cores

By Khalid Moammer  / 

The UK government announced today that it has awarded the contract for the country's next generation national supercomputer to Cray, a supercomputing specialist subsidiary of HP. The new supercomputer, dubbed ARCHER2, will be deployed at the University of Edinburgh and powered by AMD's EPYC Rome enterprise CPUs.

Needless to say, ARCHER2 represents a significant step forwards in capability for the UK science community, with the system expected to sit among the fastest fully general purpose (CPU only) systems when it comes into service in May 2020.

AMD Powers UK's Latest & Europe's Fastest Supercomputer Ever With 748,544 Zen 2 Cores

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ARCHER2 will deliver over 11X the computational throughput of its predecessor ARCHER. The new supercomputer features :


Software wise ARCHER2 will feature the Cray Programming Environment with specific optimizing compilers and libraries for AMD's EPYC Rome. The system will rely on Cray's Linux Environment, also optimized specifically for AMD's Rome.

When ARCHER2 goes into operation next year it is expected to be the 5th most powerful supercomputer in the world and the most powerful CPU-only supercomputer in the world.

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