AMD’s Next Generation Bristol Ridge “FX-9830P” SOC Leaked – Replaces Carrizo SOCs on FP4 Platforms in 2016

Nov 6, 2015

The AMD FX-9830P SOC which is going to be a part of the next generation, AMD Bristol Ridge family has been leaked. Listed over at USB.org, the new processor is a complete SOC (System on chip) design which will replace Carrizo SOCs on their respective platforms when we move in to 2016. The Bristol Ridge family will make use of a more refined architecture that is currently featured on Carrizo APUs.

AMD’s FX-9830P Bristol Ridge SOC Leaked – Launches in 2016 on FP4 Platforms

Replacing Carrizo, Bristol Ridge family will be part of the 7th generation APU family which will be featured on FP4 mobile platforms which are currently used by Carrizo SOCs. During AMD’s Financial Analyst Day 2015, the company revealed a new roadmap which listed the 7th generation mobile APUs to feature better performance per Watt to deliver enhanced efficiency along with HSA 1.0 and OpenCL 2.0 compatibility. AMD is also expected to move mobility platforms to support DDR4 memory support marking their transition to the latest memory standard which Intel started using from their current Skylake generation in 2015. AMD mobility platforms are going to feature both DDR3 and DDR4 memory compatibility.

The leaked FX-9830P has two interesting things in its name, first one is that it brings a new naming scheme. The Carrizo family currently use the FX-8000P series naming scheme while Bristol Ridge will use the FX-9000P series naming scheme. The naming scheme is one thing but the codename of the specific SKU might tell that this is in fact the flagship offering within the Bristol Ridge family of SOCs. Talking about specifications, there’s not much detail on that but considering that Bristol Ridge is a more refined version of the currently available Carrizo APU, it would feature a similar 12 compute core design that incorporates up to four x86 Excavator cores with 2 MB L2 cache and 8 Third-Generation GCN compute units that will feature 512 stream processors. The most notable update will come from the small refinements to the power management systems as AMD longs for a better and efficient product of their own in the market in the form of APUs. The Excavator cores will most likely retain the 10% performance increase over Steamroller but third generation graphics core with faster clocks would mean a decent 10% performance uplift in the graphics department.

AMD detailed Carrizo’s efficiency at HotChips this year and looks like they will have to try and best themselves considering that Carrizo is a great APU design for them. The Bristol Ridge platform will be featured on the FP4 BGA platform which means it will not only be limited to mobility platforms but also be a part of embedded and integrated markets. But Bristol Ridge isn’t just limited to mobility platforms but will also be featured on AM4 desktop platform as Bristol Ridge will be the APU generation available on desktops in 2016 while Zen would be integrated on the performance focused FX processors. No worries for desktop folks as an APU update with Zen cores is expected to hit the market later in 2017 on mobility and desktop platforms.

AMD Stoney Ridge Dual Core Engineering Sample Spotted

Aside from the Bristol Ridge processors, a Stoney Ridge engineering sample has also found its way over at the Sisoftware database. The Stoney Ridge family will be succeeding the Carrizo-L family and focused on low power platforms. The dual core processor as a single module processor which means its a dual core. If our sources are correct, than this is also a refined version of Carrizo-L, featuring 1 MB L2 cache and a 2.7 GHz clock speed. The chip was tested on the AMD Gardenia test platform for mobility processors. No additional details are revealed but looks like the Bristol Ridge and Stoney Ridge processors are getting prepped up for a launch in 2016.

AMD Bristol Ridge Platform Details:

WCCFTech AMD Summit Ridge AMD Bristol Ridge AMD FX "8000 Series" AMD A-Series "7000/8000-Series"
Product Segment Performance Desktop Processors "FX" Mainstream Desktop and Mobility APU Performance Desktop Processors "FX" Mainstream Processors "Kaveri/Godavari"
Product Architecture x86 Zen x86 Excavator x86 Bulldozer/Piledriver x86 Steamroller
Process Node 14nm 28nm 32nm 28nm
Max CPU Cores 8 4 8 4
GPU Architecture None GCN 3.0 None Sea Islands GCN
TDP 95W 95W 125-220W 95W
Socket AM4 AM4/FP4 AM3+ FM2+
South Bridge Promontory Promontory/SOC SB950 A78/A88X
North Bridge On-die On-die 990FX Board
Memory Support DDR4 DDR3/DDR4 DDR3 DDR3
Launch Q4 2016 2H 2016 2011-2016 2013-2016