AMD FreeSync Proposal Adpoted by VESA – Will become a Standard for Display Port 1.2a

Usman Pirzada

We have received word that VESA has accepted AMD's proposal and FreeSync will become a standard for Display Port 1.2a. FreeSync, who was brought to life to rival Nvidia's G-Sync, will now be a much greater force to be reckoned with then it was before with just a prototype to support it.

Display Port 1.2A to have FreeSync Standard - Proposal accepted by VESA

Nvidia made headlines when it launched its new Monitor-GPU Syncing technology that is the Nvidia G-Sync. However currently G-Sync Enabled Monitors are pretty pricey. But one thing could not be denied, if G-Sync is successful it would almost completely (and subtly) shift the PC Market to Green’s Side. AMD Seemed to think so as well because, it started working on its own Free Alternative whose very name was a pun to Nvidia, called FreeSync.

Now it seems, with a brilliant move, AMD might just start shifting the odds in its favor again.
A report by the aptly named French hardware site states that VESA (Video and Electronics Standards Association) has just approved AMD's proposal and FreeSync will now become a part of the standard of Display port 1.2a. However do note that VESA has added an 'optional' tag to the standard (contradictory and oxymoronic, I know. ) which means that it will be upto the individual manufacturers whether to implement it in monitor models or not.

G-Sync and FreeSync are very important to the PC Gaming scene primarily because technologies such as these mean game changing mechanics in different portions. For example, lower frame counts are easier to digest and look more natural if the GPU output rate matches the screen exactly. Though both have different approaches, the idea remains the same, with one being proprietary and the other being open and free.


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